Chairman Eng. Fathy Taher

When all individual targets merge into one, grand and fascinating results are achieved……

Constructing life on Earth is a fundamental part of faith and worship, and the target is not only having the work done, it is to professionally have the work done while embracing a powerful sense of self-supervision and authority to realize the welfare of all.

I am confident of the trust I place upon all the Company’s family, with them quarter of a century’s accomplishments were achieved, I deeply hope and wish for our visions and determinations to come together thus leading us to realize our goals and stand tall in the face of turbulent times and obstacles to come.

When you meet goals in one goal impressive results come...

Land cultivation is an essential part of worship and the goal is
not only work, but the mastery (capabilities) of management
to control self-interests sensor to achieve purpose.

I have great confidence in each member of company, by them
the achievements have been more than thirty years and I hope
that God corresponds to our visions and combine enchantments
to implement our objectives with all that challenges.

At Jet, we all enjoy justice, equality and we look forward to keep this always.

We conduct all our business and make all our decisions within a clear ethical

Our performance and our reputation depend on how we manage our 
relationships with our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers, our subcontractors
and the wider community.